Free Will : Are we free or are we puppets?

Well, we can feel that we are free, and if that’s so, I think it’s completely okay. But are we truly free? First I wanna mention my parallel universe theory. Let’s say there are many parallel universes with slight differences. And let’s say you are driving and there is an intersection, and you can wither go from the right side or from the left side. You would go from the same side in all of the parallel universes. What I mean by small differences is for example the charge of a single atom. So something drives you to choose one way, and it’s not really your free will.

When we observe twins, we see they turn out so different than each other, so this tells us that environment is much more important than dna, which means our decisions are literally made by our environment.

For example, let’s say the vast majority of people play football, the you would play football too, right? And you would probably really like it. You may feel like it is your free will that you like football, but it really isn’t.

This doesn’t really count but when you touch something hot, you automatically pull your hand.

And the most interesting argument, we are really not different from a machine and even from a basic mechanism. So when you think about it, we don’t really have consciousness but I guess it’s a topic for another article.

Even if we don’t have free will, I don’t think it is a big deal.